Uniform Guidelines from the Principal

Dear Parents,

Pullman Christian School is excited to announce some changes to our Uniform Guidelines for the upcoming school year. Our desire is that PCS uniforms will communicate a spirit of excellence and we believe that the forthcoming dress code adjustments will give our students a sharp appearance.

The biggest change to this year’s dress code is the elimination of formal uniforms. By omitting formal uniforms from the dress code, families will have an easier time keeping students in proper uniform attire and clothing expenses should be decreased as well. So, beginning this fall, students will be wearing PCS polos on Monday through Friday. Eagle Spirit Days will be reserved for special occasions rather than having one each Friday.

With this simpler uniform, the faculty members will be better enabled to enforce dress code standards throughout the week. Since the same uniform will be required each day, it will be especially important that every student has back-up uniform components that are ready for use to allow for laundering, damaged garments, etc.

Once again, uniform components will need to be purchased from French Toast Uniforms. With this simpler dress code, we are asking that all slacks, skirts, skorts, and polos be obtained from French Toast. Even if a garment from another vendor is similar to those sold through French Toast, we ask that these items still be purchased from our uniform vendor in order to maintain a high level of uniformity. Please contact me if you are unable to find what you need through our vendor.

We are introducing some new guidelines for girls as well. In an age of gender identity crisis within our culture, we want to set our students apart in our uniform attire. Slacks will no longer be a uniform option for the girls. K-4th grade girls will wear skorts and the 5th-12th grade girls will wear skirts. Additionally, we are requiring girls to wear the feminine polo as well to set them apart from the more masculine cut of the boys’ polo. While all students will be in uniform, we desire the girls to be distinctively feminine and the boys to be distinctively masculine.

Additionally, we are including further parameters on shoes, especially boots for the girls. We are asking that all boots be distinctly dress boots. Winter boots, lace-ups boots, cowboy boots, and boots with any visible fur or lining are not appropriate for school attire. For further information on boots, please see the attached page which provides details on all required uniform components.

Please contact the school with any questions regarding these guidelines. We fully anticipate that these changes will make school attire simpler for families and our faculty, as well as create a more polished and tidy look for our student body as a whole.

Thank you!

Sherri Goetze