Find Us in the Winter

Accessing our facility in the winter can be tricky, so here’s some advice.

map for winter access to our facilty

RED line = Daisy StreetDo Not Attempt when there is snow on the ground unless your vehicle performs excellent in steep, icy conditions.

YELLOW line = Fountain Street access – drive slowly as this road drops steeply into our parking lot. The Crestview access merges on your right, and although you have the right-of-way, drivers from Crestview may not always be aware of this.

Green line = Crestview access – this is the BEST access in bad weather. Immediately off of Crestview it has a steep slope, so the first bit is generally slick. Coming from Crestview, enter the driveway on the uphill side of the driveway if at all possible. ***When entering the parking lot, please yield to the traffic coming down the Fountain Street access.***