From the Principal


Welcome to Pullman Christian School’s ‘From the Principal’ page! My name is Charlie Wilson and I am the principal here at Pullman Christian School. You have probably come across this page because you have a lot of questions. If so, I am here for you.

In a society that provides a free and public education to all of our children, some might question why private schools are even needed. You, I think, are here because you have a different question. A question that sounds something like: “Is there a better option?”

Pullman Christian School is an option to what is currently being offered in education. Starting back in 1976, year after year Pullman Christian School has been teaching students the Truth of God’s Word in each and every one of our classrooms. Here, we strive to create an environment that helps students build a Christian worldview in a world that often appears to be moving farther away from God with every passing day.

Our students are presented with God’s Truth in every classroom, on every court or field of play, and in each of our outside-of-class activities.

We know that you are the hero in this story. We also know that you want your student(s) to be taught in a safe, engaging environment that is built on God’s Word. Let us help you.

Consider us your guide and let us help you provide an environment that builds your child up and encourages them to see the joy in the learning process. Let us walk alongside you as you prepare your child to live the life God has created them to live.

Charlie Wilson, Principal

email or call 509-332-3545