Faculty & Staff

In Christian schools, the living curriculum (a Christian teacher) teaches every subject using a written curriculum that represents the whole truth—the integration of faith and learning. – Brian Simmons, President of ACSI

The PCS team consists of dedicated educators, administration, and support staff working together to deliver a quality education in a wholesome Christian environment.

Each of our teachers feels called by God to teach and has additionally received state certification. Through continuing education, faculty members regularly refresh their skills and demonstrate their commitment to excellence in education.

Charlie Wilson – Principal, Middle School Teacher

Erin Downs – French Teacher

Tara Dyke –  3rd/4th Grade Teacher

Jamie Gleason – High School Teacher, Athletic Director

Ann Hewitt – 5th/6th Grade Teacher

Tina McClure – Drama, Art, & Music Teacher, Elementary Aide

Linda Peppel – High School & Middle School Teacher

Janelle Shaffer – High School & Middle School Teacher, Fundraising Coordinator

Katie Shelton –  1st/2nd Grade Teacher

John Weaver – Guitar Teacher

Melissa Wilson  – Kindergarten Teacher

Pastors Phil and Kari Vance – School Pastors

Hannah Mutch – Administrative Assistant

Hazel Garcia – Receptionist