Core Values

The life of a Christian is an education for higher service. – Corrie Ten Boom

In a culture that is moving farther and farther from biblical norms, many parents are looking for an education that reflects a higher standard.  With Christian worldview training as a focus, students are encouraged to align their beliefs with God’s, so that their thinking reflects the mind of Christ as revealed in His Word and in His Creation.

A rigorous program challenges students to excel scholastically, while preparing them for success in their next stage of life.  We recognize that success applies to academic excellence, as well as overall spiritual growth, effective social skills, and a healthy lifestyle.  Providing a wide range of instructional methods, we strive to inspire and challenge students to make the best use of their unique giftings and abilities. We graduate Washington State Honors students every year, and our graduates have gone on to 2- and 4-year colleges and universities all over the country.

The presupposition that God is interested in people, whether it be entire nations or specific individuals, is a guiding principle at PCS. We provide the opportunity for students and teachers to have meaningful mentoring interactions, and we offer annual missions trips to connect our students with people from other cultures.

We want to let students know about the universe that God has made, as well as the world that is broken because of the fall. Students learn to reference the past, be aware of current events and trends, and look toward the future with hope and a sense of purpose. We believe our students will be the leaders of tomorrow, equipped to handle the issues of our time.