Winter Driving

Snowy Pullman, beautiful as it is, can make for some very slick and icy conditions, especially getting into and around our parking lot.  That being said, here are a few reminders to hopefully help keep everyone safe as we come and go this winter:

  • Downhill traffic entering the parking lot from Fountain Street has the right-of-way.  Vehicles entering/leaving the lot using the Crestview access should yield to the traffic coming down the hill.  During snowy weather, it is sometimes difficult for the downhill traffic to stop quickly.
  • As you drive thru the parking lot please do go slowly, especially in the before and after school drop off and pick up times as there are children and families about.
  • As you walk thru the parking lot please be extra aware of your surroundings as it can be difficult for cars to stop.

map for winter access to our facilty

RED line = Daisy StreetDo Not Attempt when there is snow on the ground unless your vehicle performs excellent in steep, icy conditions.

YELLOW line = Fountain Street access – drive slowly as this road drops steeply into our parking lot. The Crestview access merges on your right, and although you have the right-of-way, drivers from Crestview may not always be aware of this.

Green line = Crestview access – this is the BEST access in bad weather. Immediately off of Crestview it has a steep slope, so the first bit is generally slick. Coming from Crestview, enter the driveway on the uphill side of the driveway if at all possible. ***When entering the parking lot, please yield to the traffic coming down the Fountain Street access.***