YOU declutter…

…and WE gain valuable arts and crafts supplies!

Our elementary art teacher is having so much fun with her students that she is quickly using up her stash of supplies and needs more! Would you consider looking through your home and donating any unwanted item(s) from the following list?

  • tin cans (non-pull-tab edges)
  • coffee cans (and lids if available)
  • denim or fabric scraps
  • clothes pins
  • cardboard rolls
  • fishing line
  • wood dowels or small boards
  • rubber stamps and ink pads
  • craft paper or iridescent film
  • foil or metallic paper
  • decorative pebbles or glass
  • egg cartons
  • pipe cleaners
  • sponges (new)
  • junk jewelry
  • margarine or yogurt tubs
  • food coloring
  • popsicle sticks
  • drinking straws
  • gift boxes
  • copper or armature wire
  • buttons
  • beads or trinkets
  • balloons
  • magnets or magnetic strips
  • craft foam for silk floral
  • unused picture frames (any size)
  • small metallic pieces (eg. watch parts, springs, wire, buckles, etc.)
  • glitter
  • old computer parts
  • old/broken dvds or cds
  • scrapbooking items

We would like to thank PORCH LIGHT PIZZA for donating empty pizza boxes last week! The 3rd and 4th graders were able to make Straw Mazes (cut up straws glued in a maze pattern inside the box, using a marble to roll around obstacles). We have such a creative bunch of students! Thank you in advance for boosting our art resources!