Spring Semester

The staff here at Pullman Christian School is excited for the new semester. The classrooms were too quiet over Christmas break, and we’re glad they’re full with all the energy and chatter that young people bring! The basketball teams have been in the gym practicing and teachers have lessons and events for the coming weeks planned. Hannah, our receptionist, is not so lonely now that she has students to greet each morning.

The second half of the school-year is full of many activities outside the classroom:

  • boys’ and girls’ basketball
  • Annual Reader’s Theatre
  • a community service day
  • middle-school trip to Washington D.C.
  • high-school Pacific Northwest Trip
  • high-school graduation
  • and a day at Silverwood to celebrate it all!

It’s not to late to consider enrolling your student, so please, call us or stop by and visit.