May 2013

Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living. - Miriam Beard

We value the life lessons and experiences that students gain from time outside the classroom. This is especially reflected in our emphasis on out of town travels for sports, field trips, and our annual national parks trip. Traveling increases knowledge and widens perspective. Viewing new places and unusual terrain is fantastic for the mind. Traveling helps people become ready to embrace change and develop a natural ability to overcome life’s challenges.

Coming Soon!  — National Parks Trip – May 2013

Day 1:  Shoshone Falls – Low Intensity

Day 2:  Arches National Park – Medium Intensity
Delicate Arch Hike:  3 miles round trip
Double Arch & Windows Area: 1 mile round trip

Day 3:  Canyonlands National Park – High Intensity
Elephant Canyon / Chesler Park Loop: 16 miles round trip

Day 4:  Goblin Valley State Park / Little Wild Horse Slot Canyon – Medium Intensity
Goblin Valley Hike:  2 miles round trip
Little Wild Horse Slot Canyon Hike: 6 miles round trip

Day 5:  Bryce Canyon – Low Intensity
Queens Garden to Navajo Loop Hike:  3 miles round trip

Day 6a:  Grand Canyon – Low Intensity
Bright Angel Point Hike:  1 mile round trip
Cape Royal / Angel’s Window Hike:  1 mile round trip

Day 6b:  Buckskin Gulch – Medium Intensity
Wire Pass / Buckskin Gulch Hike:  14 miles round trip

Day 7:  Zion National Park – High Intensity
Angels Landing Hike:  5 miles round trip
Virgin River Narrows Hike:  8 miles round trip
Hidden Canyon Hike:  5 miles round trip

Day 8:  Museum of Ancient Life – Low Intensity

Day 9:  Yellowstone National Park – Low Intensity
Grand Prismatic Spring Boardwalk:  0.8 miles round trip
Old Faithful Viewpoint:  0.1 miles round trip
Yellowstone Falls Hike Uncle Tom’s Trail:  0.7 miles round trip

Day 10:  Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park – Low Intensity
Cave Tour:  2 miles round trip


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